Wednesday, August 03, 2011

United States of America: Has it lost its collective brain

There is a story on MSNBC that the US is considering to grab “nukes” from Pakistan because there is a danger they may fall into the wrong hands. I suppose after Osama Bin Laden, US is emboldened. No doubt it was a flawless operation, but to ‘grab’ Pakistan’s nukes sounds like a mission impossible.

According to some estimates Pakistan has 115 nukes. Surely they’re not in one warehouse where the US can go and snatch them from Pakistan. This may start a devastating war between Pakistan and US. I read somewhere that Pakistan has one of the best trained militaries in the world partially because of ongoing hostilities with India.

US Empire seems to be falling apart. First there was this crazy debt ceiling crisis created by foolhardy politicians on both sides and now discussion of this venture. Looks like an adventure for Armageddon.

Read the story here.

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