Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tea Party is racist

A study by the university of Notre Dame has removed any doubt. It has only changed its uniform otherwise it is just another white supramist group with a tiny number of black Uncle Toms.

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  1. Are you actually so gullible as to believe that a sweeping generalization that Tea Party members are universally immigrant-hating, racist, hillbilly bigots. If that generalization applies that it's safe to say that all liberals are green tea drinking, Birkesntock wearing, Ivy League educated organic farmers who have no profit motivation and want the government to pay for everything.

  2. DMB, you provide an interesting defence for the Tea Party. However, my post is not my personal opinion and is based on solid research done by Notre Dame University. I understand they went as far back as 2002 to look at the conservatives who later on morphed into the Tea Party. Its many actions and background are manifestation of it being racist. I am not saying all members of the Tea Party are racist but major force behind the party and its movers and shakers are racist at core.

    The birther issue and that Obama hates America and wants to destroy America is a strong indication of those racist tendencies. I am not a fan of Obama as such and I believe that he is an excellent campaigner but weak when it comes to governing as he has difficulty standing up to Republicans. He is no socialist and is a centrist but Tea Party will like to paint him as a socialist and anti-capitalism and being black he has no understanding of America.