Monday, August 29, 2011

Ant's antennae: The wonders of nature

I am always bewildered by nature and its mysteries, we have only recently developed GPS, which is a very complex system, to show location and direction of travelling. However, nature has put this kind of system in a very small creature called the ant. It is an extraordinarily complex system with extraordinary software which can only be characterized as miraculous. The ant’s antennae tells the ant its location.

This also makes ants creatures with their own society, so even if they wander away they know where to find the Queen and rest of the ants. These complexities of nature continue to amaze me, and as I learn these mysteries of nature I find out how little I know.

Check out the following excerpt:

“Minuscule magnets found in ant antennae could help to explain why these insects seem to always know where they are going, according to researchers who suspect the magnets are a key component of a sophisticated, nature-made GPS system.

“While human global positioning systems rely upon power-consuming receivers that pick up information from clunky, orbiting 3,000-4,000-pound satellites, the probable ant system weighs next to nothing, requires little body energy to operate and is Earth-friendly to the max.”

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