Sunday, August 07, 2011

Tar Sands or Ethical Oil?

Ezra Levant has come up with another moronic idea; he thinks if the tar sands are presented in a positive way then the public will accept it more. I think he should get an award for these kinds of far-fetched idiotic claims.

Levant states that "I think I'm a persuasive person" so all he needs to do is woo people with his sweet words and charisma and they will forget the ecological disaster that is the tar sands. Through the magical words of Ezra Levant, people will forget about the emissions, the destruction of natural landscapes, and the contamination of water-supplies of nearby communities, including Aboriginal communities who've frequently been run over because of greed.

But no worries about any of that, because all you have to do is say that it is "ethical oil" and not "tar sands" and all our worries will go away.

Click here for the story.

And see a related video below:

Update:: See the comments Levant is getting on YouTube site here.

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