Friday, January 17, 2014

California: Climate change and erratic weather

I was watching NBC nightly news and this piece was an eye-opener. If some people still don't believe in climate change then I don't know what will convince them.

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  1. I read a report that the Folsom water board was in a bind trying to allocate sparse resources among the town, the prison and area farmers. It sounded like the farmers were going to have to go without.

  2. mound, the picture looks pretty grim. Farmers will lose their farms and food will need to be imported.

  3. And the irony is that the Mississippi is as risk of becoming undrinkable - more water shortage. I have long been suspicious that policies re: CAFOs and more seem like classic hydraulic warfare. It wouldn't be the first time Poisoning the Well was only one facet in a nation that used sanctions to destroy Iraq's water supply. Today Turkish dams strangle the Tigris and Euphrates.
    However : nobody denies climate change. That is bullshit just as much as the label 'Denier' - an irony covering behaviour denying the proper operation of scientific method. What is contested is the representation that we have a manmade 'climate catastrophe.'
    Some resources to start you for a look at alternative thought if you are open to the idea that media lies and misrepresents the facts to represent we must have faith in 'science' at the same time as using peer review as a whip against creative criticism.

  4. Opit, thank you for your comment. You make some very interesting points. Something needs to be done about climate change and soon. And indeed it is an international and global issue.