Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ariel Sharon Dead

Stephen Harper is very saddened.

Sharon who butchered Palestinians mercilessly.

Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, described Sharon as "one of the architects of modern-day Israel" and one of its "staunchest defenders" in a statement of condolence.

"A renowned military leader, Mr. Sharon pursued the security of Israel with unyielding determination that was recognized by friends and foes alike."

I wonder what rest of the folks think.

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  1. Unfortunately Sharon's life was the stuff of rich fantasy spun by his friends and adversaries alike. At the moment of his stroke and coma he was bundled up as the last great hope for an Israeli-Palestinian accord, a true peacemaker struck down prematurely. If so, his collapse had no lasting effect on his successors. His legacy was forged in his earlier years and it was ugly indeed.

  2. Mound, I agree with you. When he was PM he was for the resolution of the conflict with Palestinians. So was an earlier PM who was assassinated.

    As you said his earlier years legacy will live on.

    The current PM continues to build settlements on the Palestinian land.