Saturday, January 18, 2014

Stephen Harper and Benjamin Netanyahu: Love Affair

Both Harper and Netanyahu are singing songs for each other. I could not find the video where Netanyahu talks about his love for Stephen Harper and Canada. Below is a video about Harper's love affair with Zionism and Israel. According to CBC News Harper is taking some 200 business people with him to Israel on taxpayers' expense.

The Middle East is a particularly troubled region of the world, and this is where Harper’s most egregious double standards come to the fore. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which lies at the heart of the broader Middle East crisis, is an issue where Harper has revealed himself to be a willing accomplice to imperial aggression.

Affirming his blind subservience to Israel, Harper said in a 2010 speech on Parliament Hill that as long as he is prime minister of Canada he will defend Israel “whatever the cost,” and apparently no matter what Israel does. A year earlier Harper gave a speech at a United Jewish Appeal Federation event and proclaimed Canada’s “unshakable support for Israel," reassuring the Zionist audience that, "Our government believes that those who threaten Israel also threaten Canada.” Bloc Québécois MP Richard Nadeau said Harper is “more Zionist than [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu.”

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