Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Harper Ignoring Warning Signs, About Dangers of Transportating Tarsands Oil

Lac Megantic explosion.

We have been hearing more about the dangers of transporting tar sands, pipeline explosion in Manitoba - TransCanada pipeline's "apology" is hardly enough - train derailments and, worse, explosions in the case of Lac Megantic. Despite all this, Harper is blind to reality, he wants to exploit and ship more tar sands crude oil, regardless of the health and safety consequences for Canadians.

Harper is muzzling scientists who dare present facts that contradict him, it's all about making the oil and gas industry bosses happy, not about the health and safety of the general public. However, the inconvenient truth is still getting out about the dangers of transporting tarsands. Of course those in the oil and gas industry claim that studies showing the dangers of tar sands are wrong, they care more about profits, which is what Harper cares more about too.

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