Tuesday, April 10, 2012

North Korea: Nuclear Proliferation

NBC Nightly News had an interesting piece on North Korea and policies of developing more and more potent nuclear arsenal which also has worldwide reach. This is indeed madness.

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I agree that both North Korea and Iran must not have nuclear weapons especially when leadership in both these countries is erratic.

Unfortunately the U.S does not have moral authority to tell any other nation not to have nuclear weapons when the U.S itself has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.

It is the U.S who has armed Israel with a nuclear arsenal to the teeth – 150 plus nuclear war heads. I believe the U.S also assisted other countries to acquire nuclear weapons. Nations which are so-called friends to the U.S. South Korea is an example.

All this nuclear madness must stop. All countries should refrain from acquiring nuclear weaponry. U.S nuclear weapons have the capacity to destroy all life on the planet earth many times over and so does Russia. Any nuclear war will be Armageddon for the world.

Global warming and nuclear weaponry are the major threats to human existence.

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