Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Israel and Iran arms race

Let me make it clear, I believe no nation should have nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction. It becomes even more dangerous when unstable states start equipping themselves with nuclear weapons.

Now Iran's Ahmadinejad claims he has nukes. US and many talking heads in the US are advocating invading Iran. Why so? Israel has over 150 nuclear warheads and it is a much smaller state in the region. Should Israel not be invaded too? I don't think either should be invaded, but I think both nations should be disarmed of nukes.

Pakistan is a relatively more unstable state than Israel and Iran. Why let them have nukes? India is a little more stable but not much more stable given its regional rivalries and rivalry with Pakistan. Israel is the least of the stable countries in the region given its history and its relations with its neighbour. Benjamin Netanyahu is more erratic than Ahmadinejad. The US and the western world must not use double standards. For the sake of peace in the region and peace in the world both Iran and Israel should be kept free of nuclear arsenal.

Iraq was invaded under the pretext that it has WMDs which was bunch of lies. Maybe it was Israel who felt threatened by Iraq and urged morons like Bush and Cheney to invade Iraq. Then there was of course the need for control of oil fields in Iraq. As long as these double standards and injustices will exist there is hardly any hope for peace. Through this double standard we are not promoting peace but inciting wars. As long as such evilness prevails the world will continue to become a more dangerous place. We have too many problems to tackle – poverty, disease such as AIDs and global warming. In order to tackle such problems we need a co-operative approach and not confrontational, double standards.

UPDATE - Correction to be made: Ahmadinejad did not say he had nuclear weapons, rather his claim is that Iran is a "nuclear nation" because it enriches uranium to 20% (this is not the same as HAVING a nuclear weapon though). Thank you Pogge for pointing this out.

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  1. Now Iran's Ahmadinejad claims he has nukes.

    No he doesn't. And please be careful about buying into the propaganda. What Ahmadinejad said is that Iran is now "a nuclear state" and he said it when Iranians began enriching uranium to 20%. On that same basis, Canada can claim to be a nuclear state.

    The US intelligence establishment recently completed an updated National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran and it said essentially the same thing that the previous one did in 2007. There is still no evidence that Iran actually has a nuclear weapons program and it appears to be after the same kind of virtual deterrent that Japan has: the ability to ramp up to a nuclear weapon quickly in the event of a threat without actually have an active weapons program.

  2. You're quite right. My mistake. Thanks for the correction.

  3. It seems to me that Israel has brought this on itself. How it hopes to survive acting the way it does is beyond me. It's like they live in an alternative universe. The USA is the only nation that defends them. Reagan used to call the Soviet Union the focus of evil. I've got another candidate.

  4. Craig, thank you for you comment. You make some very valid points.