Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Dick Cheney a war criminal?

He makes an admission on ABC on February 14, 2010 that he supported water-boarding and continues to do so. And that he supports other forms of torture what he calls enhanced interrogation techniques. Is there any doubt now that he is a self-professed war criminal? All that is needed is a proper legal process to indict this man and his co-conspirators.

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  1. Don't you realize yet that only brown teenagers who don't believe that Jesus Christ is their savior can be war criminals? God-fearing white men with power are always justified in everything they do. It's God's plan. Ask Stephen Harper. He has it figured out.

  2. February 14th, Valentines Day. I guess this is Cheney's Valentines present to the World, after all, he spent 8 years screwing it over good.

  3. Greg, good one. You nailed it. If you're brown teenager then you move up to executive suite with special privileges of enhanced techniques provided generously. However, if you're poor and underprivileged it crosses the racial lines and a ticket to Slammer Grad House is frequently handed out.

    Nonetheless, Cheney must be brought out of his undisclosed location to face the music for the sake of humanity. I don't think Obama or Holder have the guts to do that.

  4. Lincoln D, you got it right.