Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Iran: Promoters of Reform and Change

It is deplorable what is happening in Iran. Whether it is the supporters of Ahmadinejad or Rafsanjani doing the killing, it is nonetheless reprehensible. I say Rafsanjani as he the major player in all this. However, is it really about reform and change? Let us look at some of the promoters of this "reform and change."

John McCain: The same John McCain who sang "bomb, bomb, bomb Iran." If he had won the election he would have either carried out his intentions or given the go ahead to Netanyahu of Israel to do it.

Lindsey Graham: He is a constant spokesperson for Repugs saying how meek Obama is and that the US must support the demonstrators for change and reform in Iran. Another neo-con. Does he really have Iran's interest in mind? Also he was the guy in the inner circle of McCain during the election.

Nicholas Sarkozy of France: Here is another neo-con. He quickly replaced Britain's Tony Blair as the poodle of George W. Bush and came to the US to pay homage to his American Idol Bush. Bush was saber rattling against Iran before he left Whitehouse. Is Bush's poodle Sarkozy a reliable advocate for reform and change in Iran.

Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel: The man who very much wanted to bomb Iran but did not get the green light from the Obama Whitehouse to do it. Is he an authentic spokesperson for change in Iran? Since he could not bomb Iran is it possible that he sent his Mossad agents into Iran to stir up trouble?

Rafsanjani: He is the major player in the current turmoil in Iran. He is the guy who is pulling the strings of Mousavi. A very powerful man in Iran however he lost the elections to Ahmadinejad in 2005 and is a pretty sore loser. Him and Ahmadinejad do not get along.

It is these kinds of supporters which makes one wonder if the current struggle in Iran is for change or just a struggle between religious hardliners using the general public as pawns. Maybe in the future some leader will come along who is truly for change and only then can one expect genuine change in Iran.

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  1. Neat post especially the bobbing heads. In the case of Israel not every one is a cheerleader for reformers. The head of Mossad concedes Ahmadinejad as the winner, and downplays irregularities. Many Israeli politicians are up in arms over his statements:


  2. Ken, thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I could not access the link for some reason.

    "The head of Mossad concedes Ahmadinejad as the winner, and downplays irregularities."

    I don't quite believe it. It may be just a camouflage for its activities in Iran.

  3. Here is the text of what Meir Dagan head of Mossad said since apparently the posted link is not working:

    In Israel, Mossad head talks about Iran election
    Thu, 18 Jun 2009 18:21:36 GMT
    Head of Mossad Meir Dagan says that a Mousavi win in Iran's presidential election would have spelled bigger problems for Israel.

    Speaking to the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of Knesset (Israeli parliament) on Tuesday, the chief of Israel's national intelligence agency said, "The world and we already know [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad."

    "If the reformist candidate [Mir-Hossein] Mousavi had won, Israel would have had a more serious problem, because it would need to explain to the world the danger of the Iranian threat, since Mousavi is perceived in the international arena as a moderate element," he added. "It is important to remember that he is the one who began Iran's nuclear program when he was prime minister."

    The Zionist spy-master, meanwhile, predicted that the street protests in Iran over the disputed election results would die out soon.

    "Election fraud in Iran is no different than what happens in liberal states during elections," he told committee, Haaretz reported. "The struggle over the election results in Iran is internal and is unconnected to its strategic aspirations, including its nuclear program."

    Contrast this with what Netanyahu says:


    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the Iranian regime's repressive nature has been "unmasked" by the turmoil over the country's disputed election last week.

    He spoke as the official death toll in Iran rose to at least 17, as protesters continued to march in the streets and clash with regime forces.

    "You see a regime that represses its own people and spreads terror far and wide," Netanyahu said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "It is a regime whose real nature has been unmasked and it's been unmasked by an incredible act of courage by Iran's citizens. ... You see the Iranian lack of democracy at work."

    Israel considers the Iranian regime, with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president and hard-line clerics at the top, as a monumental threat. Ahmadinejad, known for his bellicose rhetoric, has called for the destruction of Israel and is suspected of pursuing nuclear weapons technology.

    Netanyahu declined to predict where the protests would lead, but said they represent a "fundamental" event for the country.

    "I cannot tell you how this thing will end up. I think something very deep and very fundamental is going on," Netanyahu said. "There is an expression of the deep desire amid the people of Iran for freedom. ... This is what is going on."

    Though President Obama has come under criticism in the United States for not being more forceful in his support for the protesters, Netanyahu said he would not "second guess" the American president.

    "I know President Obama wants the people of Iran to be free," he said.

  4. Ken, thank you for the info. Much appreciated.

    May be I believe in conspiracy theory too much. I have a feeling that the head of Mossad and Prime Minister do co-ordinate with each other when they make public statements. Now that Iraq has been devastated and only other threatening entity for Israel is Iran in the region, Israel will do anything to weaken it including destabilizing it.