Monday, June 22, 2009

Neda and Troubles in Iran

It is very troubling that a young life was taken in this manner and one's heart goes out to her father who was with her at the time of the killing. Neda and her father were standing on the sidelines and not actually part of the demonstrations. Media in the US and Canada have no specific information as to who killed Neda. However, what is also troubling is the way her death is being exploited.

CNN is repeatedly showing gory pictures of her killing. Why in this instance?

When a crazy racist white supremacist goes to the Holocaust museum in Washington D.C and kills a guard, did the US media show the dead body of the guard? No. Another crazy person kills an abortion doctor. Was the dead body of the doctor displayed on TV? No. Many more such public murders have taken place in the US but no bodies were shown. So why then the dead body of Neda which is displayed again and again and again?

One can draw only one conclusion, that CNN and others reporting here do not consider Iranians as humans and for them it is okay to show dead bodies as we show the dead bodies of seals. Another obvious conclusion is that CNN and other western media are putting gas on fire in order to destabilize Iran. I am very saddened by all this.

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  1. You are unbelievable and unbelievably hypocritical.

    All this whining and complaining about a video of graphic violence when it is an innocent Iranian who is slaughtered, but you claim to be a defender of freedom against Israeli tyranny when you show graphic video of dying Palestinians.

    Back then, it was others who were uncaring because they did not want to be forced by you to see death and destruction through web aggregators. It was others who were playing politics and did not care about the dead.

    Now, you claim that those who show death don't care about the dead and only are playing politics.

    You are sick.

    Look in the mirror, bud. It is you who don't consider the Iranians as humans. Why else would you be supporting the Iranian mullahs and their death commandos.

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  3. Old School Liberal, your comment is utterly stupid. All I am saying is if they are showing a dead body of a woman and other dead bodies then why are they not doing the same in US about their dead bodies. Why are they not showing dead bodies of women and children in Gaza and Lebanon when massacre was carried out there. That is exactly what I am saying- the double standard.

    You're not much of liberal.

  4. Anonymous1:44 pm

    Perhaps there's some "Oh wow, they really are people, too!" in their reactions.

    When the blood runs, that's when the man can be sorted from the animal.

  5. Troy, thank you for your comment. Sooner we recognize that we are all human first and Canadian, American and Iranian second then may be there will be a better world.

    Any murder of fellow human beings is reprehensible.

  6. i think that it's a little easier to get pics of a person in a country that is going through civil unrest than in the states. It's not inherent racism. If CNN could get a pic of the dead or dying security guard they would have.

  7. bogged down, may be. But it is the way dead bodies are being exploited by media outlets such as CNN and Faux News. Yet pictures of dead women and children in Gaza and Lebanon were available but were not shown by the same outlets. There is an apparent double standard.

  8. OSL, you're way off, and way out of line.

    If the media wants to show people the carnage of war and despotice repression that's fina and dandy with me. People should be informed about this kind of stuff. But I do find it interesting that we do not see it televised when the Israeli government is responsible, but then we do see it when a government that is not friendly to the U.S. may be responsible.

    I don't think it's an anti-muslim thing, as I haven't seen many anti Saudi newscasts on CNN either.

  9. Hello Fish,
    Thank you buddy. I think what is happening in Iran is reprehensible and I loathe it. On the other hand OSL (James Bowie or his buddy) will say whatever suits his biases including that Israel kills in self-defence. That is where the trouble lies.
    I agree that it is not about anti-Muslim. You’re right about Saudi Arabia – it is no human rights model.

  10. The simple fact is that the footage of Neda being shot is available and it is dramatic.People respond to drama and pretty faces.People are primed to think of only women and children as being innocent, not men.This arouses the most empathy. An innocent black man shot dead -though equally tragic- does not elicit the same response. The 'Neda phenomenon' is simply people trying to call attention to themselves, to champion their own causes, by expoliting this young woman's meaningless death.

  11. Tia, exactly. It is the exploitation part which bothers me too.

  12. I don't think Le Daro is being hypocritical.
    The media has the power to swing elections.
    Remember what CTV did with Dion?
    And all the protests during the Quebec meetings the World Trade,and Republican convention.
    They don't focus on all the positive peaceful people with their creative costumes actions and banners.