Monday, May 11, 2009

Dick Cheney needs a muzzle

During the Bush administration, Dick probably ran the show but from behind the scenes and from an "undisclosed location." Since the change of administration this guy just does not shut up and he is all over the media networks singing the songs of how great Gitmo is and how by closing it Obama is endangering the security of the United States. He also says that "enhanced interrogation," or blatant torture, did work.

Hey Dick what are you trying to do? Maybe you're afraid that you and your buddies will be made accountable for unlawful torture techniques. You are carrying out, as usual, pre-emptive strikes at the Obama administration as you carried out pre-emptive strikes elsewhere with disastrous results. You're the one who created extraordinary resentment against the United States in Arab countries and in rest of the Muslim countries because of Gitmo and torture.

Resentment is, and will be, motivation for the new recruits of extremists - a resentment which may survive for decades to come. You and your buddies not only further endangered the United States but also destabilized the world, especially the Middle East and the Afghanistan/Pakistan region. So Dick, it is about time that you shut the hell up and let the chips fall where they may. Another reason to remain shut-up is that the Obama administration is very hesitant to carry out any prosecution for illegal torture activities but through your big mouth you are providing all the reasons in the world that such a prosecution must take place.

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