Sunday, May 10, 2009

Michael Ignatieff and Iceman

What if a man from the ice age thaws out and goes to a tropical island and tries to lay down rules as to how the islanders should live and conduct themselves. Would the islanders not feel the resentment? Iggy has such a commonality with the iceman. He pretty well spent all his life abroad awashed in imperialism. He talked in the past about the need for an imperial power, like the US, to run the world. Now he comes to Canada and wants to become PM. Does this man really understand Canada, the Liberal Party and its ideology? His sole obsession seems to become the Prime Minister and all the rest is secondary.

Then Iggy's positions - or lack of them - are very disturbing. He supported the Iraq war and if he were PM instead of Chretien he would have happily sent Canadian soldiers to Iraq. He supported, and still supports, the Afghanistan war which is a major quagmire where innocent civilians are being slaughtered in Afghanistan and neighbouring regions of Pakistan with no end in sight. Is that what Iggy supports?

He has abandoned Dion's position on the environment. Although Dion making the green shift election issue was a blunder and I said so in my previous posts, it needs enhanced public awareness before green shift policies can be implemented. Iggy thinks Tar Sands are a great asset for Canada. It is an environmental disaster. Iggy also supported Israel's slaughter of women and children in Gaza by stating that Israel is just defending itself. Israel has routinely carried out such carnage in neighbouring area such as Lebanon and West Bank and the most recent one in Gaza. How can Iggy unconditionally support such a slaughter?

Iggy is too autocratic and self-centred to lead Liberal Party. Will this man learn and change? I do not know.

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  1. If there is still some ice left, he won't survive the next convention. A new leader will be chosen.

  2. Oemissions, plenty of ice there - his brain is still frozen solid.