Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Donald Trump into the Rivers or dumps

This season Celebrity Apprentice became a bigger joke than it used to be as Donald Trump declared Joan Rivers the winner. The other final contestant, Annie Duke, raised four times more money for charity in the last episode (over $400,000 compared to little over $100,000 by comedian Rivers). Duke was manager more often than Rivers during the overall contest, won more contests, she is cool and collected and generally respectful of her fellow contestant. Meanwhile Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers (her daughter) constantly complained and whined, insulted their fellow contestants, especially women. When Joan Rivers saw she couldn't win from Duke she called her Hitler, her supporters Mafia and many other insults. If Donald Trump follows any business ethics he should and must have fired Joan Rivers, but not so.

The guy takes himself too seriously. I see him nothing more than a product of a collision between a sperm and an egg like rest of the humanity or miniature of the big bang, which created the universe. Made after the image of God, eh.

Donald Trump's behaviour was unethical and it is not clear what Rivers has over this guy that despite her utterly irritable and cranky personality she survived the whole competition and was named the Celebrity Apprentice. Now Donald Trump should run for the President and if successful appoint her as Secretary of States and Rush Limbaugh public relations secretary. It will be a one big comedy but not good for the US however these characters care less.

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  1. My goodness LD, I never imagined you would watch that drivel. "Don't eat that stuff, Charlie. That's horseshit."

    I want you to cleanse your mind. Find a sunny place and a nice tree and relax with a good book. Rinse and repeat.

  2. Don't know how you can bear to watch this garbage. I can't. Can't watch any of these so-called Reality Shows. They drive me nuts. But perhaps it gives you some kind of escape from the insanity in this world. I'd rather watch a good old mystery movie. The older the better. ;)

  3. Dude, you need a girlfriend!

    (Just kidding buddy)

  4. Hey guys, thank you for your generous comments :) As I indicated elsewhere I am a student of human behaviour/nature. As a student you study all kinds from saintly to Satan-ly (sic) only then you can begin to understand a bit. Reality shows are a good study. So friends, forgive my indulgence but that is my hobby in my spare times.

    Fish friend I do spend time on beaches or other similar places where scenery is good :)