Friday, May 15, 2015

His Highness Emperor Stephen Harper

Harper is putting Canadian troops on the frontlines in Iraq, when even the United States would not, and then sending Canadian troops to Syria. He’s taking our country deeper into war and putting our Canadian soldiers at risk. Who does Harper think he is? Is he trying to be a macho superpower wannabe? Is he trying to be an imperialist and colonialist? White man’s burden?

Also, Harper and his government are harassing a young man, Omar Khadr, with bogus claims to the Supreme Court that Khadr should be tried as an adult. Elizabeth May was right, Khadr has much more class than the whole f@#king cabinet.

On top of all this, Harper is trying to distract from this with his nonsense over debates, refusing the joint consortium of Global, CTV, CBC, Radio Canada, and other stations. Probably he is also looking for media and moderators who will be favourable to him.

Awful this is coming from our government. Emperor Harper’s arrogance knows no bounds.

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  1. Welcome back, LD.

    Hopefully, this past two weeks setbacks stick to teflon Steve.

  2. Hi, L D. Good to see your post. At first I wasn't sure what was behind the Harper boycott of the consortium debate, but I think you are likely right that it gives our national control freak the freedom to choose friendlier venues.

  3. Beijing York, I hope so too. Then there is Mike Duffy and Senate scandals. Canada definitely needs a better leader than Emperor Harper.

  4. Lorne, thank you. I am losing interest in politics because of Emperor Harper. Any government will be better than Emperor Harper and his Cons.Justin Trudeau maybe a better choice but his lack of experience is problematic.

  5. LD - When you or I or just about everyone "lose interest" in our politics, we hand success to Harper on a platter.

    You don't like it, then say so whether that's done in heartfelt words of graphically. One is the match of the other.

  6. Mound, thank you for your comment. You'right. I will try to post whenever I get a chance.

    You do a great job exposing Harper and Harperites. Please keep it up.