Friday, February 13, 2015

The Sun Has Set on Sun News

That was abrupt, but people weren't watching so not surprising. I guess folks aren't interested in Ezra Levant's angry rants.

Photo via CBC, you can read more here.

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  1. Hey, you're back! We've been looking for you, LD. I thought you fell off the edge of the Earth. Welcome back.

  2. Welcome back, LD. We have missed you.

  3. Mound and Lorne, thank you for your kind comments.

    Mound, I would've fallen off the edge of the Earth, but I found out it's round and I can only go around and around :)

    Actually I have lost interest in blogging, thanks to moron Harper. His domestic policy is primarily corporations, oil companies, and tar sands. On foreign policy, he wants to play a big macho guy. No western nation has troops on the front lines in Iraq but Emperor Harper does. Even the US president is hesitant to do that.