Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dangerous and erratic weather in U.S

Signs of more dangerous storms to come as the effects of climate change become more intense. What will the deniers say now? Global climate change - from human activities - is no longer a prediction... it's a reality, and it's getting worse. It is costing governments money as they have to clean up after multiple disasters. Also, creates havoc for people's lives.

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  1. "climate change becomes more intense" One seemingly easy way to address 'awareness' would be to include historical statistical data evaluating the progress of change. Otherwise the perception of hot air is of co2 from the mouth.

  2. opit, good suggestion. You have to Google it and plenty of data is available.

  3. With each report of weather disruption and destruction, LD, one can't help but think of the billions in costs being incurred, not just from the destruction but also from lost productivity. Of course, the corporate agenda will probably demand subsidies and grants from government as compensation. Hey, I've got a better idea. Why don't we impose a climate-change tax on all the corporate emitters?

    Sorry, for a moment there I forgot that we live in a world where justice, logic and accountability are merely quaint concepts.

  4. Lorne, you're quite right. Besides billions in cost there is tremendous loss of human life and other forms of life.

    I may be wrong but some European countries have Co2 emission tax. It must be made universal.

    Sadly you're so right about "a world where justice, logic and accountability are merely quaint concepts."