Monday, February 10, 2014

Van Jones of CNN debunks myths behind the Keystone Pipeline

He points out the lies about the Keystone Pipeline.Good one and worth watching.

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  1. Rather refreshing to see a bit of unvarnished truth for a change, LD. Were he a Canadian, the speaker would obviously be an enemy of the people, at least in the eyes of the Harper cabal.

  2. It is true, Lorne. Harper has enemy list. Another Nixon. I hope Senate Gate will bring him down. Also his election legislation should have some impact. Some very prominent people are speaking out on it including Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand.

  3. Fair election act?? Hahahahaha Harper has all his ducks in a row to cheat this election too. Harper totally controls Elections Canada. He has his courts and judges all on line for him.

    I for one have always thought the Keystone pipeline was a go. The 3 Amigo's have been working towards the NAU for some years now. Big business is pushing for the NAU.

    Corporations are bottomless pits of greed. Corporations only want one government to deal with, rather than three. They have demanded cheap, cheap labor.

    Harper has been laying off Canadians from their resource jobs, and giving their jobs to his foreigners. Big business pays Harper's foreigners, half of Canadian wages. Some say 1/10 of our wages. Of course the cost of living in their countries, a fraction of ours.

    Strangely. Obama has hammered out a health care plan more in line with ours. Flaherty mumbled something about, Canada's cost of living, near the U.S. cost of living. Obama also has cheap foreign labor in the U.S. too.

    Anyway.The 3 Amigo's have another meeting set up shortly. To discuss the NAU and the TPP, which Harper has been working at, also behind our backs. The TPP is said to also be a, corporate give-a-way.

    Nor, do I trust Harper and his plane load, that went to Israel either.

  4. gingersnap, well said. You're so right. This amigo (Harper and co.) cannot be trusted.