Saturday, October 19, 2013

Frucking Fracking for shale gas is becoming a serious problem

Premier David Alward of New Brunswick does not get it. It is not only natives who are opposed to fracking in New Brunswick, but the general public as well. Also demonstrations to support New Brunswickers are being held around the country. But Alward is stuck on frucking fracking. I believe natives and other anti-frackers are right and more New Brunswickers and Canadians should get behind them. Fracking is being done on native lands and their permission is absolutely important.

Fracking is especially deadly to drinking water.

The exploratory drilling in New Brunswick also faces opposition from the local non-aboriginal community. Allan Marsh, the chair of the nearby local service district for Saint-Charles, told CBC News that the provincial government "isn’t listening to any of the other messages that it’s getting."

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