Friday, October 18, 2013

Air pollution causes cancer and kills

What do the deniers of global warmer have to say about the air pollution and its detrimental impact on our health?

"It’s specifically about the danger in the air all around us. The world health organization is warning tonight that air pollution is, indeed, a major cause of cancer."

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"From car exhaust and traffic across the country to industrial stacks spewing smoke and haze halfway around the world, we know air pollution isn't good for us, but today there is more proof of just how bad it is. The world health organization experts now conclude for the first time that exposure to outdoor air pollution and particulate matter cause lung cancer.

We can't help the air we breathe and we're all responsible for it. So …. it's important to make the point that this really needs collective public health action to solve the problem.

The industrial revolution saw the advent of air pollution. And while the United States has cleaned up its air thanks to environmental regulations, air pollution is still a significant risk factor for respiratory illnesses and heart disease. This United States map shows our air pollution hot spots. The red dot shows air quality changes by climate and season. This shows summer where the highest level of air pollution is along the eastern part of the country. (For U.S map watch the video above)."

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  1. While the video makes the point that collective action is necessary to curb the problem, sadly, LeDaro, it is unlikely that either motorists or big industry will heed the call.

  2. Lorne, sadly what you say is true. But it is good that national media both in U.S and Canada is giving some attention to it. European media is more active in this respect.

    We should build a swimming pool of crude oil in Alberta and retire Harper there. He may enjoy his daily exercise and will keep oil/gas companies happy.