Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Power Struggle: Putin, Russia and the West

I watched a documentary last night on "Putin, Russia and the West." It is an amazing story of power struggle between Russia and America. It revealed that how these two nations are trying to control the world politics, regime changes etc. Here is a small clip from the documentary:

"Even after eight years as President of Russia and four more as Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin ran for office again and in March 2012 won the Presidency in elections that are widely seen as fraudulent. Thousands have taken to the streets in protest. Putin, Russia and the West tells the inside story of one of the world’s most powerful men, a former KGB spy who made himself a valued ally of the West. How did he do it? And what made Washington and London eventually turn against him? For the first time Putin’s top colleagues - and the Western statesmen who eventually clashed with him - tell the inside story of the Russian leader’s role in shaping the world in the 21st century, including the prophetic warning about the Taliban that Putin delivered to President Bush three months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  

In 2009, newly elected American President Barrack Obama set out to reset relations with Russia. Ignoring Putin, whom many considered still in charge, he concentrated on Medvedev. Top officials on both sides take viewers deep inside negotiations to cut their countries nuclear arsenal in half. They describe how a phone call between the two young lawyer-presidents finally clinched the agreement. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says: ‘No previous treaty between our Countries has ever been directly negotiated by our Presidents. But inside Russia, Medvedev has a harder time and in the end, he stepped aside and nominated Putin to be their party’s presidential candidate for the 2012 election. Top Kremlin insiders, including Medvedev and Putin, tell the how the deal was done – and how it set in motion a process that made Vladimir Putin look vulnerable for the first time." 

You can watch the whole documentary here.

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