Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Zurich, Switzerland: Drive-in brothel opens its doors

What next? Drive-in spouse and marriage? I don't want to play the moralist card here as it is the world's oldest profession. Brothels do exist in every country legal or not legal. Switzerland made brothels legal a while ago... but drive-in? Interesting!

"Compound rules: Just one man per car, no bikes or motorcycles and of course no littering”.

Zurich's taxpayers approved the 2.5 million-franc ($2.7m; 2m euro; £1.8m) sex-box facility in a referendum, and Ms Regula Rother (who runs a drop-in centre for sex workers.) believes their support had more to do with their annoyance at seeing prostitutes on their streets than it did with keeping women safe.

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