Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is Ted Cruz the most dangerous man on American right?

He is the Tea-bagger that Tea-baggers were looking for. He is considering to run for President in 2016.

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Chris Hayes: "But tonight we begin with a man who I believe is the most dangerous politician on the American right. In October 2007 I sat in the media gallery of the United States Supreme Court and watched the solicitor general of Texas argue on behalf of the state that he should have the ability to put to death a Mexican national, José, who had been convicted of raping and murdering two teenage girls in Houston. He won that argument and he was executed by Texas on august 5th, 2008, despite the objections of the United Nations and the international court of justice.

At the time, I had no idea who this man arguing on behalf of Texas was. But all I could think was holy crap, this guy is good. It was one of his nine times arguing before the Supreme Court and he was witty, incredibly fast on his feet and clearly had a brilliant legal mind. It is to this day one of the most impressive displays I have ever seen before the court and I have had the good fortune to spend a lot of time there.

So you can imagine my horror in 2012 when I tuned into the Texas senate race. I hadn't been paying much attention to. And realized that lieutenant governor David Dewhurst, the Republican establishment candidate, was being prepared by a tea party candidate who was the same guy I saw kick ass in the Supreme Court in 2007. .. that night I made that connection, oh, this is trouble. And trouble that man has been. Trouble in every direction. As he vies to be the singular voice of the right wing grassroots and as he has very quickly assumed a leadership role in movement.

He’s a man who combines the intellectual credentials and pedigree of Barack Obama, with the raw right wing populist appeal of Sarah Palin. His full name is Rafael Edward Cruz. He was born in Calgary, Alberta, in Canada.

We learn this week when he released his birth certificate to the Dallas morning news. He’s 42 years old. Born in Canada to an American mother, likely a dual citizen of Canada and the United States. Something the senator from Texas seemed shocked and upset by. Late last night in a response to the story revealing the likelihood of him having dual citizenship, "I will renounce any Canadian citizenship. Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth. as a U.S. senator, I believe I should be only an American."

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  1. If Ted Cruz has such a sharp legal mind, one would assume he would understand the part in the US Constitution which states the Preznit must be a "natural born American." People born in Calgary hardly qualify. Likewise I always wondered about Mitt the Twit's dad and his pursuit of the presidency. He was born in Mexico of a famiily that had left the US to avoid prosecution for polygamy.

    After all the crap from the birthers re: Obama, it would be highly hypocritical for them to put up a Calgary born Cuban (his father fought against Batista with Fidel Castro). I don't put much credit in the fact that his mother was a US citizen, after all, there was never any question about the nationality of Obama's mother from Kansas.

  2. kootcoot, you're right. As far as birthers are concerned they only object in case of Obama - a black. Romney and Cruz are not black so it does not matter where they were born, Cons will embrace them.

    His father must have been progressive that he fought against Batista. Apparently his father had no influence on him.