Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stephen Harper and Vic Toews: Conservative Priorities

Safe: Child's play.

Dangerous, may warrant police raids.

Conservative priorities are out of whack with reality: according to them, there's money for fighter jets and prisons we don't need, but cutting valuable staff from Environment Canada is okay... because there is not enough money? I guess Harper was worried that he and his tarsands buddies would be roundly disproven on their denial of climate change.

More recently, Harper has abolished the long gun registry - government does not need to know how many guns you own - but (along with his friend Vic Toews) wants to pass legislation to allow government to snoop on everything we do on the internet.

So... by CON-logic it's invasive if it's to do with guns... but it's okay for government to know - and keep track of - everything we do on the internet. I guess in Harperland, surfing on the internet is more dangerous than guns... because guns don't kill people, e-mails do?

This is a government out of touch with reality.

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