Friday, February 24, 2012

A brilliant massage therapist

Do you like massage therapy? Watch the video below. Sorry I don’t have the contact information. You will have to search for the contact information yourself.

The dog seems to be very satisfied and the cat is doing quite a professional job.

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  1. The pug snoring (as they do) gives it a nice added touch. :)

    My dog just saw this vid and now she's asking for a *pet massaging kitty*.

  2. Sassy, you’re in trouble. You must find a kitty who could massage your dog. :)

    Dog in the video is dreaming that he is in dog’s heaven.

  3. LeDaro - could be awhile before I find that messaging kitty, in the meantime, I'll just purr softly while I brushing her - which always includes a message at the end.