Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Human Hospital Emergency Room gone to dogs

I have often heard people complaining about hospital emergency rooms -how long it takes and that care given is substandard. However, if the patients are puppies then the situation is different. They get the best treatment.
“…two sick dogs from Corpus Christi, Texas, made their way to a human hospital and waited patiently in the lobby, KIII TV reports.
….This isn't the first time a furry friend has figured out how to get the help and attention of humans.”
….According to the station, hospital staff treated the "emaciated" pups, and a doctor carried them to the station's van, which then transported them to the Gulf Coast Humane Society.”

Read the story here.

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  1. Sure they were treated but not before they proved they weren't illegals from Mexico

  2. LoL! Indeed.
    They also swore that they supported Rick Perry. :):)