Friday, September 23, 2011

British PM David Cameron addresses a joint session of Parliament

When these leaders make speeches; pay attention to their language and the symbolism behind such language.

An American president, in this case Obama, will use the language like “we are one nation under God” partially implying American exceptionalism as if it is the only nation under God. Hey Obama, if there is a God then all nations are under the same God. As a matter of fact Americans have shown that they can be very barbaric. I believe Troy Davis was an innocent man; he was recently executed for the murder of a police officer. It was a sad spectacle and Mr. Davis maintained his innocence until the end. So much for the America being a nation under God, if authorities can behave in this brutal manner.

Then there is this British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who came to visit his buddy King Harper and addressed a joint session of the Canadian parliament. He ended his speech by saying “we are two nations under one Queen”. Wow! When did we become a colony again? I thought we were an independent nation. Harper wants to take us back to when we used to be a colony. Maybe we should ship Harper to Britain. Surely the Queen will have some room for him in her servant's quarters. Also by turning us into a colony again Harper is poking a finger into the eyes of Quebecers.

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