Sunday, December 05, 2010

Orangutans brutally killed in Indonesia

A very sad picture and story.

Climate change and deforestation is deadly on orangutans in Indonesia.

Read the full story here.

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  1. that's awful. Those critters have a pretty wide emotional range, so they must really suffer.

  2. The “logging companies” is a familiar dreaded word. These are the profiteers who care less for global well-being and its inhabitants. It is hoped that Cancun, Mexico talks will help come up with solutions to reduce such a destruction of rainforests but then I will not hold my breath for it. Greed and selfishness seem to prevail.

    It is like someone going to another’s house, destroying the house and then killing its inhabitants. That is what is being done to these Orangutans.

    That is exactly what US did in Iraq, destroying people’s homes and killing the residents by the millions. For what? Good old black gold called oil. Picture is not much different in Afghanistan as it is for some natural gas pipeline. It is these human characteristics of greed and profiteering which will succeed to destroy life on this planet unless these self-destruct tendencies can be tamed.