Monday, December 06, 2010

Bush & Cheney’s Fireworks and Destruction

The post on Orangutans, I did, inspired me to write this post and do a video. Greed is a very strong human emotion and if let loose we humans will succeed to destroy life on this planet. This greed and profiteering has gripped the world too long. The Iraq and Afghanistan wars were for resources more than anything else. The Iraq invasion was for Iraqi oil and the Afghan invasion was for building gas pipelines from the former USSR to bring the natural gas to a port in the Indian Ocean and then ship it to the markets of the world. Greed and profiteering. Add modern weaponry including nukes and we might destroy ourselves long before this planet’s natural death or for that matter through global warming. Global warming is also the result of human greed and profiteering in action.

The Iraq war alone has cost over a trillion dollars to U.S taxpayers so that a few wealthy individuals could profit. According to many estimates more than one million Iraqis have died as a result of this war. 2 million plus Iraqis are refugees in neighbouring countries and the vast majority of remaining Iraqis live in poverty and squalor. There are no achievements to be shown other than a few oil companies and their pals profiting. We need to loosen this grip of greed and profiteering in the world if we wish to survive.

WikiLeaks has revealed some of the atrocities in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The buzz word used by those in power is that WikiLeaks is endangering the lives of soldiers. Not so. The only lives it may endanger are the corrupt leaders in the world. Transparency will help reduce this reign of greed and profiteering and reduce the chances of war. In fact it will save many lives of soldiers. The rest is propaganda by the profiteering who are puppeteering the politicians quite often.

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