Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stephen Harper gives cold shoulder to Ban Ki-Moon on Climate Change

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, was in Ottawa. He asked Stephen Harper to give top priority to climate change at the upcoming G-20 and G-8 meetings that Harper is hosting. Stephen Harper gave the Secretary General a cold shoulder as usual and emphasized the need for economic issues to take priority at these meeting. The Secretary General should have known that Mr. Harper comes from planet Tar Sands. Too bad for Canada and its reputation for becoming an obstructionist in the World when it comes to the environment.

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  1. Does that make Ban-Ki Moon a radical?

  2. Yep! A radical and fanatic in Cons's lexicon.

  3. I personally knew Ban Ki Moon when living in South Korea and he certainly isn't a radical. I know the above comments are tongue in cheek. Mr. Ban is a much more educated person when it comes to the enviroment and Mr. Harper could learn a thing or two about cooperation from Mr. Ban. Harper knows full well the environmental problems in South Korea mostly orginating from China having visited right in the middle of the yellow dust season. Is Mr. Harper a secret facist where he has to have everything his own way? When Mr. Harper said he was going to put Canada on the map, he certainly has done that in no uncertain terms. I bet it will be long time before Canada hosts the G8 and the G20 conference again.

  4. Anyong, you're right about Harper.

    B.W and my remarks are indeed sarcasm.