Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pope Benedict and Hamid Karzai

What do these two men have in common? They both claim to be head of something. One claims to be the head of the Vatican and the other claims to be the head of Afghanistan. They both have problems with their minions.

Pope has bishops, priests and other minions who like to diddle the young boys. Karzai has his warlords and their minions who like to diddle young boys as well. What to do? The invasion of Afghanistan did not help to solve that problem but only aggravated it because boy diddling became more and more a pass time for Karzai's minions. Invading Vatican may not solve any problems either. A major change of values is needed. Both are difficult to tackle as Afghanistan is a very mountainous terrain and very difficult to tame. On the other hand the Vatican's problematic minions are spread all over the globe.

In case of Afghanistan, NATO and others may be willing to help. Any volunteers for the Vatican?

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