Monday, May 31, 2010

A question to evolutionist enthusiasts

How come there is an evolution of super-bugs which are immune to antibiotics and kill humans? Where are the evolved super humans who have evolved human cells to kill these super-bugs before they kill them? Are super-bugs going to rule the world?

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  1. Well, a super bug has already infected Canada, it seems. Hopefully we will find a way to crush the harper termites...

  2. Good one. :) May be we will supply Off bug spray or Termidor to voters come next election.

  3. The simpler the organism the easier and more quickly it can evolve. The more complex the organism, the more difficult and more slowly evolution takes hold.

    Germs and viruses evolve far more rapidly than anyone would expect from an animal.

    You asked, there's your answer and I'm sure you'll agree that it's just common sense.

  4. MoS, according to your theory super-bugs shall rule the world.

    If only things were that simple. It is not human as an entity vs. super-bugs. It is human immune cells vs. virus. Some of us take too many anti-biotic and medicine that we become petri dish for these super-bugs as immune system has been compromised and did not get the opportunity to strengthen and fight the bug. Rest of the population does not have those strengthened immune cells either and they get very ill when first time such bugs enter their bodies. Hospitals are especially the paradise for such super-bugs to flourish. As the medicine advances the mysteries of the human bodies and other living beings are slowly unveiled. Stay tuned.

  5. Oh God, here we go again!

  6. Fish, I love to agitate both religious type and evolutionists.

  7. No LD, you twist my words and evade my point to claim that it is "my theory" that superbugs shall rule the world. However if you're interested in that you should read the science on previous mass-extinctions which show that the simplest organisms are the least vulnerable to being wiped out. That too will shed light on your initial question if you posed it sincerely.

  8. MoS, my question was sincere. Humans have a very complex immune system and it has been compromised by chemicals all around us; that is why we have become so vulnerable. Was it created or evolved? I do not know that, as I am an agnostic. Nature intended to protect us from all kinds of diseases however we played with nature and it can be very unforgiving when we do that. You may consider reading this article on the extraordinary immune system humans are supposed to have.

    Then human body has extraordinary sensors which scientists are now taking advantage of.

    It used to be pulse and heartbeat but there is a lot more. In the future people may be able to buy such sensor detectors as currently diabetic people have for sugar.

    We may have just arrived at the beach and picked up a few grains of sand. That is where I place human knowledge at this time. There are deserts out there and oceans to be explored yet.

    It is like stupid BP rushing to extract oil from the bottom of the sea, one mile down, without knowing all the consequences. Tony Hayward was brought in as CEO in 2007 because he has all those Ph. Ds and stuff. His predecessor failed when it came to spills in the company’s mind. Where is his Ph D. now? We have a long way to go. However, we must wake up everyday ready to learn more. Life is a slowly unravelling mystery.