Monday, May 31, 2010

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel and world peace

This weekend Netanyahu of Israel was in Toronto. He was met with cheers and jeers. Hundreds of demonstrators turned out to protest Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

He was also interviewed by Peter Mansbridge of CBC and asked if Israel has nuclear weapons. He was completely evasive and instead said that if there is going to be a Palestinian state it should be completely disarmed. Mansbridge repeated the question and he started talking about Iran and how dangerous it was becoming as it was trying to acquire nuclear weapons. His hypocrisy was blatantly incredulous – arm Israel to the teeth including its nuclear arsenal but disarm the rest of the Middle East including Iran. You can watch CBC video here.

Sure Benjamin Netanyahu, that will sure make the Middle East and the world peaceful. This man needs a psychiatrist and the world is badly in need of peace.

A survey was done by the European Commission of EU countries where 15 countries were surveyed asked the question of who was the biggest threat to world peace. 60% who surveyed said Israel was the biggest threat to world peace – bigger than Iran, North Korea and the USA.

“The European Commission survey asked the public in all 15 member states to look at a list of countries and say which they considered potential threats to peace. Israel was selected by a majority in almost all the EU member states, with 74% of Dutch citizens putting the country at the top of the list as a threat to peace and 69% of Austrian citizens.”

Here are the names of the countries surveyed:

Czech Republic

Israel needs a sane leader.

More news from the Middle East as atrocities against Palestinians continue.
10 die in Israeli raid on aid flotilla; Commandos storm Gaza-bound ships in international waters. Click here to read the story.

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  1. Yes, Europeans are antisemitic. Old news.

    How convenient it is to be in Italy, Denmark, Sweden or Canada and ponder how world order should be, while you do not have to suffer deadly attacks on daily basis on innocent civilians.

    You are being hypocrite by holding Israel to double standards. You said it has a right to exist and defend itself, but every time it is forced to defend itself you condemn it. A right that can not be exercised does not worth anything.

    Israel has to protect itself by people whose declared mission is to annihilate it.

    Despite what you might think or being told, Israel uses its force in a responsible way that minimizes civilian casualties. The war in Gaza and the flotilla incident are just examples of how careful the soldiers not to hurt innocent people.

    If Israel did not have nuclear weapon as a potential threat, the armies of Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria would start a war and demolish Israel in a few days, like they tried in 1967.

  2. Mike, too bad for you. Now the whole world thinks that Israel is a criminal state, rogue state and the biggest threat to world peace. Jewish lobby is bigger in North America than any other lobby.

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  4. It doesn't matter what Israel does, people like you will think it is a rogue state. You do not care about the facts.

    When terror will hit your home town, the same way it hit New York, London and Madrid, your ideals about human rights will disappear and you will want to hunt down the terrorists and their families. Your naive ideals will disappear.

    So easy to ignore all Israel's attempts for peace that have been failed due to violence on the other side.

  5. Mike, the whole world says that Israel is a rogue state. Top soldier in US said that Israel is endangering its soldiers in the Middle East. Is there any friends left after that kind of criminal behaviour which is not approved by the closest ally like US.

  6. What would you do if you were the prime minister of Israel?

  7. Friends that do not support Israel's right to defend itself are not friends.

  8. Mike, sorry but Israel has no friends left as a result of its policies and actions. It can only blame itself for that.