Monday, April 12, 2010

Barack Obama: Reducing Nuclear Stockpiles

Ronald Reagan said that he aimed for a World without nuclear weapons and negotiated an arms reduction treaty with the Soviet Union that reduced America's nuclear arsenal by one-third.

Now, Barack Obama is proposing something very similar vis a vis Russia... and the tea partiers, Sarah Palin, and Glenn Beck (and other Faux News acolytes) are yelling at the top of their lungs that Obama is disarming America.

So when Reagan does it, it's okay, but when Obama does it...

Nuclear weapons are horrific, while I do not think we will see their elimination in our lifetimes, to reduce stockpiles is a step in the right direction - plus it sends a strong message to nuclear wannabees such as Iran and North Korea that America is willing to practice what it preaches in the way of reducing the spread of nuclear weapons.

In an age of terrorism, nuclear weapons are not an effective deterrant. They potentially wreak great destruction. That is why we must strive for their reduction and ultimately their elimination. Obama's Nuclear Security Summit is also a step in the right direction in this regard.

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