Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stephen Harper’s Tiger Woods moment

Stephen Harper is hearing from the world beyond, like Tiger Woods. He can get a new ad for his Conservative Party like Tiger Woods for Nike. What is amazing is that in the case of Bernier the situation seems much more serious. Bernier, when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs, had left some very sensitive papers related to defence at his then girlfriend Julie Couillard's apartment. Not only that, Couillard was involved with a biker gang who were known for illegal activities. You would think his case was very serious. But he was only fired from the cabinet but not from the caucus. Also, there have been rumours about him rejoining cabinet.

In case of Helena Guergis, it did not look that serious yet she was not only fired from the cabinet but also was kicked out from caucus. It did not stop there. Harper contacted the RCMP and Commissioner of Ethics for further investigations. Yet the public does not know why. The only excuse given so far is that some third party has made serious allegations. It happened on a Thursday night and Harper took those extraordinary measures within 24 hours on a Friday. It is baffling. Why would he not reveal the allegations? The plot thickens.

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  1. It is the RCMP's job to inform the public of the nature of the allegations against Geurgis. They have not done so, so are they once again 'mandated' to protect politicians from embarrassment. I guess it's back to the way it was.

  2. RCMP carries out a lot of investigations behind the scene. They are not an elected body and hence cannot be questioned by elected officials in the Parliament. It is the responsibility of the Harper and Harper Government to reveal any allegations at this stage.

    They, Harper government, had no hesitations with regard to Bernier, why now? Something is very screwy here. Either allegations are too lame or too serious which will damage Harper government.

  3. Guergis has become an embarrassment. Harper had to find a way to get rid of her. Ousting her, then calling for an RCMP investigation allows Harper to take the moral high ground. He isn't worried about what could come out, because he can actually block it, or expose it like some kind of hero if doing so works in his favour.

    Regardless, this all acts as a diversion from more important issues, follows that whole tough on corruption crap the CONs are always going on about, and he gets rid of a weak, unpredictable MP at the same time. She's linked to Jaffer, and that guy reeks of corruption and sense of privilege. Even if Guergis is guilty of nothing more than being careless, Jaffer is her millstone, and by association affects the CONs.

    Bernier messed up, but Couillard was out of the picture by then, and bernier has a better control over himself when put on the spot. Also, he's a dude, and stevo prefers them. Bernier is also very well liked in his riding, and the Couillard thing probably made him even more popular. Guergis, on the other hand, will not likely get re-elected.

    That's my take on it, anyway. :)

  4. ft Jesus, you have a good take on it and you make very good and valid points.

    Another issue Harper wants to push under the rug is Afghan detainees and torture and this has given him quite a break.

    Yes Guergis is a weak MP and her husband did some crazy stuff but I have a feeling that she is being railroaded and made a sacrificial lamb in order to save Harper’s behind on many other more pressing issues.