Thursday, June 04, 2009

George W. Bush and his Trophies

These days Dicko Cheney is going around and bragging about the extraordinary job he did as a Vice and his tyro Bush. The above pictures provide a sampling of these "achievements." Murder and mayhem was perpetrated by Dicko and his tyro in the Middle East and in Afghanistan. It has earned extraordinary animosity of Arabs and of the Muslim world in general – over 1.5 billion of them. It strengthened Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, and many other groups in the Muslim world.

Now Obama has to repair that damage and that is why he travelled to Saudi Arabia and gave a major speech in Egypt (I have not heard that speech yet). That is a smart move and one can only wish him all the best but the task is daunting.

One other bone of contention is Palestine. If there were no Israel/Palestine problem, probably there would have been no 9/11, Hamas, Hezbollah, or Al Qaeda. Again this conflict is giving legitimacy to these fundamentalist groups. The only way this legitimacy can be taken away if all these issues of injustice regarding the Palestinian situation are resolved. Israel can do all the killing it wants and using its phosphorus bombs it will resolve nothing but create more animosity and lasting conflict. The solution will have to be peaceful, just, and equitable. Only then will there be peace.

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