Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dick Cheney - full of hot air

This man Cheney is something else. He should be taken to Mars and left there, as he does not belong on planet earth. He has caused, and will continue to cause, too many problems.

He continuously fought with the CIA when he was in office. Now he says he is on the CIA's side and claiming that the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi are maligning the CIA. Cheney said numerous times that Saddam Hussein was connected with 9/11 but now he says there was no such connection and that there was never evidence for that but rather that Saddam was dangerous to US security. What kind of creep is Cheney? If not Mars at least he must be quarantined as he causing too much trouble.

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  1. Right on all counts, LeDaro. The man should disappear back into the hole he came from.

  2. Hello Penlan, thank you for your comment.

    This Cheney guy is plain crazy.