Monday, May 04, 2009

Humans and Jackasses

When nature/evolution/God let humans be, they were given two legs and feet for transportation. Initially humans used them and moved 10's of miles a day in search of food and shelter, but somehow nature/evolution/God knew that humans are going to be lazy creatures so many other means of transportation were created such as horses, camels, elephants, and jackasses. Yes jackasses with whom some greedy humans have a lot in common. I am sensitive to the fact that comparing certain humans to jackasses is not fair – not fair to jackasses as they perform an impressive job for people around the world, especially in the Asian and African continents.

Humans discovered wheels. Not there was anything wrong with this but it is the abuse which will cause problems. Then of course airplanes and ships on the seas. The sad part is that problems began when humans went for fossil fuels to energize all of these toys. That is when they went overboard, overdid it, and are overdoing the exploitation of fossil fuels and other sources of energy (I worry about nuclear too). Is it possible that fossil fuels and other energy sources were another one of those forbidden fruits that we were not supposed to touch, or at least not exploit so extensively. Now the resulting side effects of this energy consumption (CO2) may destroy our planet.

Energy companies are really behaving like jackasses. Okay they have billions and billions of dollars in profits, but what will they do with these profits if the planet is made uninhabitable. Too many of us love fossil fuels that we are willing to die for it. This deep adoration may bring an end to the planet as we know it. The energy which currently energizes our toys may become the tools of our destruction. Is it possible that the creator (through evolution or through God) regrets creating these monsters called humans? Something to think about...

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  1. Way to go Ledaro, you've got me flashing on that scene from Pinocchio, where all the kids turned into donkeys! As a child that scene gave me nightmares for weeks! lol

  2. Fish, you're Pinocchio fan too. All the politicians are its fan too and their noses are getting bigger by the day.:)