Monday, May 04, 2009

Brande Roderick, Joan and Melissa Rivers

All I watch on TV are news and reality shows. Some of my friends have told me that they do not much care for reality shows. I like these shows however because they are a good study in human nature and all my life I have been a student of human nature.

One of the shows I watch is Celebrity Apprentice. It is bad enough that Donald Trump has a huge ego but on his new show participants have even bigger egos as they are celebrities. However two very annoying characters are Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa Rivers. They are truly a nasty pair. Although they were playing on opposite teams, they continued to nourish each other's egos. They are proverbial she-devils. They pretty well insulted every participant on the show, especially women.

One of the friendly characters on the show is Brande Roderick. Okay moralists before you get too upset as she was Playboy centrefold, she is less of a hypocrite than the other participants. Joan and Melissa Rivers of course insulted her too. If I were Donald Trump, thank God I am not, I would have fired them boom boom in first boardroom sitting because they are plain nasty. I did not know them before but now I do a little bit and I cannot stand them. Last episode I watched, Melissa was fired and Joan had packed up her bags too. Good riddance. They should have been gone long time ago – complete she-devils.

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