Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle and Barbara Streisand

Since I first heard Susan Boyle, I kept thinking that I have heard a similar singer before. Then I remembered. It was 1975 and I was a university student. At that time, I did not have the slightest doubt that I shall conquer the world. Reality and I had not crossed paths yet.

One morning I was getting late for my class, the university was a fair distance from the residence so I decided to take my car. I got in car, turned on the radio, and there was this resonant and touching voice. It was Barbara Streisand singing "The way we were." The singing was amazing. After the class, I went to the nearest shopping mall and bought myself that record. More recently I have bought the CD. I used to listen to that song and other Streisand songs very often. So often that a professor of mine used to tease me that I had a crush on her. He told me that I must go to New York to meet her. No, I did not do that.

When I heard Susan Boyle after some thinking I realized that there are some similarities in their voices. However, the similarities end there because Streisand was already a Hollywood star and she had all the backing of the music and movie industries. As well, she was considered a very beautiful woman (including by our own Pierre Trudeau) and she was highly sought after. Susan Boyle did not have the backing of the music industry when she sang on Britain's Got Talent; she looks homely and I do not think she will take up an acting career.

Here is a Streisand song which may have similarities to Susan Boyle, but listening to music is very subjective. Listen and judge for yourself.

And here is the Way We Were

EDITORIAL NOTE: After posting, I edited this post for grammar. The content is the same.

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  1. Anonymous11:39 am

    My first thought was she sounded like a much better Rita McNeil.

  2. You're probably right. However, I am not familiar with Rita McNeil singing.

  3. I heard Susan for the first time at5:30 and was blown away. Incredible