Thursday, April 23, 2009

Roxana Saberi: The journalist detained in Iran

I feel sad for Saberi and her family. Maybe she is not a spy and Iran is over-reacting. She says she was coerced to confess that she was a spy. Now to coerce her in this manner is wrong and must be condemned, but does the US have moral grounds to do so? Did the US not torture its detainees after 9/11, some of them innocent detainees. How can we say that if the US does it, it's OK but if any allegations exist against Iran then lets condemn them. We cannot do that. All the sages through the ages said lead by example. Did Bush/Cheney set good an example. Of course not. They have endangered the whole planet and its habitants by illegal torturing and by invading sovereign countries.

Now Bush/Cheney and other uncanny kinds may dress up their torture tactics and call it "enhanced interrogation techniques" but it won't work. So fellows back off, admit your blunders and agree to pay for it. Then we may march towards a more peaceful world. Only then.

One standard for US and another for rest of the world is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. Ameen!
    In America,they say: Amen!
    In the 60s we said: Right on, brother!

  2. Oemissions, thank you.