Thursday, April 23, 2009

Global Warming and Divine Intervention

We take so many things for granted. Our planet, the sun, the moon, and the stars. What if one of these givens starts slowly dimming away and what if that one is our own sun. The result could be an ice age and the end of the earth and all the living creatures on it. It is possible you know.

OK it is not that drastic. Not yet. But some scientists are saying that the old boy sun is losing some of its sparks literally and dimming down. Is it possible that the divine power had enough with human follies and are now taking the matter of global warming into his own hands, thus turning down the light and heat? See, in the universal scheme of things the sun is our light bulb and main heater. If its switches are dialled down, we may have problems at our hands.

Calm down it won't happen so fast and it will not cure the global warming ailment. Over and above heat, look at the other pollutants we have put into our earth's atmosphere. Looks like a self-destruction tendency. If we do not appreciate what nature has given us we may lose it. Sun may say it had it with you and start getting ready for a long rest and turn off its main lamps (or whosoever controls those switches) and the earth may need to take a break from us humans and may shake us off its surface. In other words, we need to take good care of what we got. We do not have control over the sun but we can be kinder and gentler to our own planet. If we will not let our car or house deteriorate then why would we put our mother earth in such a peril. Only fools would take that path.

Let us work with the nature and not against it. That is the only way humankind can survive. Mother earth has looked after our forefathers and it will look after our children, grandchildren, and many generations to come. In return it deserves that we all become its spokespersons. Let us not allow a few greedy ones to hurt mother earth.

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