Sunday, April 19, 2009

Michael Ignatieff: Reality dose

Michael Ignatieff mused that taxes need to be raised in order to reduce the deficit. Sounds pretty logical. Oh well! He got his first dose of reality. Real life, you know.

When will this man learn to understand Canada. One can only wish.

His positions on other issues have been anything but liberal and are frankly quite alarming. Ignatieff has said that the tar sands are an asset for Canada. Yeah and he will be issuing masks to be able to breath. Iraq invasion was great idea says Mr. Imperialist, and so is the Afghanistan war. Moreover, Israel needs to punish those Palestinians in Gaza. Killing of woman and children does not bother king Iggy after all, he is Mr. Imperialist. He is more into Bushisms than even Harper.

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  1. Well someone is going to have to pay for the stimulus/recovery deficit. Too bad they didn't have that foremost in their mind when they decided to squander all that money on piecemeal handouts that will do very little to stimulate the economy. Had they spent the money themselves, actually taken responsibility for it, they could have launched one or two major infrastructure projects (such as a new, high-speed national railway) that would have been an actual 'investment,' the sort of asset that pays a tangible return in the future when that deficit comes due. Wouldn't it be nice if the taxpayers actually got value for that burden? It's what happens when you have political leadership with no courage or vision.

  2. MoS,what more can I say. You summed it up real good.

  3. Lament of a leader.
    The problem, as I see it for the Liberals, is that when in power, they started the taxcutting, after building up a surplus (false as they were skimming EI surplus money that did not belong to them and thus "cooked the books"), and started down the taxcut road - corporate taxcuts - check.
    Those cute redbook promises of 1993 - childcare - got trotted out in dying days of their minority govt.
    Take note that Iggy's latest childcare plan is - drum roll please - $100 bucks per month for qualifying families. Oh that's what Harper got us into and Iggy likes it.
    The honesty part is about who will pay - and we all know that the corporate backers of Iggy the emperalist won't. Not when they are paying 500 bucks a pop to pack a room, and extra to shack his hand.
    Follow the money and one knows who is in bed with who.

  4. janfromthebruce, so true. May be you said inadvertently "shack his hand".

    I suppose they “shack up” his hand and then together (Iggy, Harper and the ilk) they “shack up” the people.