Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Rush Limbaughs of this World

Look at the pictures of these two people. What is wrong? This lady works very hard. Helps her fellow human beings and earns a little over $45,000 annually. Now look at the goofball. He just yaps and yaps and yaps, nonsense and hyperbole, and earns $38,000,000 million a year for that. $38 millions annually! Now you call it "Just Society"?!?

No wonder this overweight hideous man wants no change. Do you blame him? However he is a predator in the true sense. Tell me more about evolution and democracy. The law of the jungle prevails.

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  1. Nobody knew that a turd could grow two legs and jabber into a microphone. Hastening the decline of America with every broadcast.

  2. And for doing that( Hastening the decline of America with every broadcast.)
    he gets paid $38 million. "Incredible" does not fully describe this absurdity.