Monday, April 27, 2009

Jacob Zuma zoomed into South Africa

Nelson Mandela represents an extraordinary chapter in the history of South Africa and to a significant extent in the history of world as well. He beat all odds, spent 27 years in jail, hard labour, and survived to rid South Africa of the curse of apartheid. I read his autobiography very carefully and you end up having nothing but great admiration for the man. In a rather explosive situation, he calmed things down through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission inquiry looking into to the excesses of the apartheid regime. All along an icon and example to follow for rest of us fallible human beings.

However, since he retired from the Presidency of South Africa, things have not been the same for the country. Corruption and abuse of power have been rampant. Now more recently South Africans have elected a new President, and in zooms Mr. Zuma. He is a shady character. He admitted to raping a woman and said she was wearing a revealing skirt which he felt was an invitation to have sex with her. Guess what, the court exonerated Zuma and the victim took refuge in Netherlands. Do you blame her because she could have been executed in South Africa. There are also corruption charges against zoom zoom Zuma which were later dropped and probably the justice system was compromised. It is becoming a sad and tragic story.

What were South African thinking, but then politics is politics. Our American friends elected George W. Bush who could not organize a piss on a brewery.

Oh well let us sing a song:
It goes in this way.

Everybody like zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom
They on them dubs like zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom

I'm Zuma Bad Azz and I zoom right by ya

For the lyrics and actual song, click here.

I found the video for the song. Enjoy

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