Saturday, May 02, 2009

Swine Rules

Like country singer Willie Nelson's song, "On the Road Again," I was on the road again. (Word of caution for Willie; he must not play "on the road" that often as it is one of the dangerous places. Trust me, Willie). I came back Friday evening, turned on the TV, and all I heard was swine, swine, swine, and then the reporter said flu. OK that is what it is then. Swine rules the airways and so he rules the world. You know we are led by swines too with the exception of Barack Obama who I still think is doing well.

Swine virus is sending its drones all over the world and much better drones than the US ever came up with. Before you know it, it could be traveling your airways. Hey Israel and some Muslim countries, you do not want to hear about swine but too bad guys and gals, it will be there whether you like it or not. Or is it exaggerated and actually a danger that is not as big as is portrayed in the media? A media which is suffering from news famine and thus reporting anything which comes their way.

As far our own leaders are concerned, Harper will indeed look after himself and do not worry, Layton and Duceppe are protected too. As for Iggy, he is masked well – he cannot hear or see but his mouth keeps going. Now you know why Iggy is becoming so impervious to the environment and some humanitarian issues as his ears are plugged and his eyes are covered from reality.

Finally bigots are having their jollies. US Congressman Brown thinks illegal aliens are deliberately slipping swine flue into the US, including a 22 months old Mexican boy who died in a Texas hospital. By the way, he was legally in the US when he caught the deadly bug. What a swine this Brown fellow is.

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  1. The abject panic over this flu breakout is pathetic. Emergency rooms are being overwhelmed, not by the sick but by the fearful.

    We need to learn how to keep these problems in perspective, especially given the volume and magnitude of other problems that will be coming our way over the next two decades.

    For example, the media will tell us how many are suspected to have died from swine flu but nobody mentions how that number is dwarfed, every hour, by deaths to malaria or the contaminated water-borne diseases that are besetting poor nations.

    We need to learn the importance to society of maintaining a healthy perspective and never to assume our media will do the same.

  2. Mound, as usual I agree with you. When Octo Mom becomes, as it did few months ago, main story for the media then one has to wonder about it being a good source of information.