Sunday, April 26, 2009


The human brain is a fascinating phenomenon. Even if when we are physically doing nothing, it remains busy – especially when we're doing nothing as it comes up with all kinds of mischief. It remains busy when the rest of the body is inactive or sleeping, as the brain/mind wanders off into what we call dreams. The brain is an extraordinary computer and is it without its inventor or creator? Especially when one considers the countless hours spent by humans to even mimic the human brain have fallen short. We are a long way from coming up with something (ie. a computer) matching the human brain or, for that matter, any living being's brain. If for some reason all living beings are gone, what does the Earth, Sun and Moon mean when there is no one to observe it.

Talking about observing nature. Nature provides us with all kinds of wonders on a daily basis. We discover something new every day. Let me emphasize the word "DISCOVER" because we do not CREATE such a phenomenon, we simply discover it as the phenomena was there from time immemorial waiting to be discovered. Let us look at some of the extraordinary discoveries that we know of:

1. Earth's gravity theorized by Newton. As you know, it was always there. Newton just discovered it, he did not create it. Gravity! What a wonder of nature. In the absence of it we will all be floating around in space... assuming we existed at all.

2. Then there was Galileo Galilei who figured out that the Earth was not flat but round. Unfortunately, he was persecuted for stating this fact. However, he did not create the roundness of the planet. It was always there waiting to be discovered.

3. Of course how can we forget Einstein who informed us about relativity theory, E = mc2, or his work on Nuclear fission and splitting the atom -- something which he might have regretted after how it was used. But the atom was always there and other of nature's phenomena just waiting to be discovered.

4. Or discovering of other planets, space, and trips to moon. They were there from the time immemorial but we are just discovering and learning about them, including about the surface of Moon, Mars and many more planets. Who knows, in future we will meet our cousins on another planet. It probably will not happen in our life time though.

As I stated earlier, we are constantly discovering something new about this nature and universe we are surrounded by, but we did not create it. Who put this nature's phenomena as it exists today. Is it all sheer evolution that happened accidentally over millions and billions of years? Accident? Let us think some more about it. Feel free to give your point of view. I am just a bewildered human being and have no answers myself.

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