Sunday, January 13, 2008

Iran is a threat to America and the World: George W. Bush

Those bullets coming out of his ship's gun must be bigger than the Iranian dingy. I suppose those Iranian dingees are the new "weapons of mass destruction."

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  1. This lame-duck President has been after Iran for awhile, although I think it was Cheney's idea in the first place. I heard, the other day that the U.S. is becoming the first to strike, and that is not the way it used to be..they waited for WW1 and WW2, now they seem to want the entire world. I hope the Democrats get in before he thinks of doing anything. Oil, Oil, Oil.
    I do not think the Iranians had big guns on their boats at all..just made up for the world and the American People, who are sick of war.

  2. Lizt, you are quite right. After WMD stunt in Iraq, 1 million dead and dying, Americans and world must think twice before ever believing Bush or Cheney again.

  3. ledaro

    This was one of your best. IMHO.

    Congratulations on your nomination for Best Humour Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards 2007 voting.

  4. Autism Reality NB, thank you. I am glad you liked the picture.

    I did not know I was nominated. Thanks for infoming me.